Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wow Man I didn't realize one could accumulate so much crap on a hard drive over the years?! Well maybe not all crap o0
Here are some nice frosty rides for ya eyez to dig...

Now this is what some prefer to call the King of the super cars... the Ford GT 40... Oh Yeahhhh. It almost looks like it's grin'in doesn't it?

Uh Oh don't look now, it's a Shelby Cobra and I don't know what it's got under the hood but it looks as though he has some places he raced that he could tell ya bout.

Ok, now were gonna head on over to the Car Show on Rt. 12 towards Flemington wanna tag along? OK then let's go...


All right, we're here. Here's some photos I got of the friendly car owners that didn't mind their rides in the pictures. These are some really nice Cars.

Heh, heh... these Rodders... They have the best sense of humor. Check this out.

Uh Oh... here we go... this is just one of my favorite muscle cars in the world. There's only 5 that I have as favorites and this is one of them... the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle... Oh yeah Baby!

Uh Oh look what's pullin' in... yeah you guessed it a 1971 Mustang BOSS 302

and a 1969 Javelin, nice...

This rider was on his way out too and I liked his bike so I snapped a shot. Heh from the looks of it he didn't mind cause he even stopped to pose. What a friendly guy. 

All right, it's been fun but we gotta go, well back to the chariot to blast home.

Wheeew... I'm feelin' a little overheated and winded after that one... Hey what d'ya say we go over and get our selves a cold one huh? All right! Aaaaaah! That hit the spot.

Well, see ya next time.


  1. Musta had too many Rolling Rocks... Cobra production stopped in 67, Boss 351 was a 71 only - that appears to be a Boss 302, the Javelin is just that - an AMX is a 2 seater. Oh, and the Chevelle doesn't appear to be a 454 car; at least not originally. Hate to be pedantic, but sometimes I can't help myself. :) Like the blog though!

    1. Ouch. Ha I guess I'll have to fix that? Thanks, my name's Tom by the way, some call me TJ... What's yours? Hey have you been to this kool little site yet? You'll like it man.

  2. Hi Tom - John here. No worries about fixing the captions... Sometimes I just get 'that way'. :)
    Sorry for the late reply - have checked back in on your site but didnt check the comments!
    Please consider this a personal invitation to share a car story at too.


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